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About collective

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Want to learn more about the group you can’t stop hearing about? Get to know Collective, what establishments we own, and our mission in the city of Yerevan.

Collective Group was founded by a team of individuals passionate about good music, comfort, quality, and exceptional design. We noticed that all four were rarely ever combined when it came to establishments such as cafes, restaurants, and bars, so we decided to redefine customer experience close to home. Thus, we ended up opening six different establishments across our hometown Yerevan, all under the “Collective Group” name, and we’re still growing!

Our Mission

Collective’s mission is to provide an exceptional customer experience while giving people the chance to relax from their everyday hassles and problems. We pride ourselves on choosing top-quality ingredients, training our staff to provide unmatched customer service, and closely working with design specialists to make our establishments easy on the eye.

Another key aspect of our mission is growth, considering that everything started from a single juice bar concept back in 2008. Although we already have six renowned establishments across Yerevan, this is only the beginning. We have plans to expand further, open new spots, and satisfy customer demands.

Make sure to regularly check our News page for important updates concerning the future of Collective Group, and stay up to date with new projects. Big things are coming soon!


Collective Team

Our Team | Collective Group

Meta Description: Learn the story behind our team and how a single idea for a top-quality juice stand gave birth to multiple establishments all over Yerevan. Get acquainted with our team and principles.

The Birth of Our Team

The idea for Collective as you know it began with our founder Artak Harutyunyan and his concept for Fresh House. Artak wanted to establish a juice bar prioritizing quality and using only the freshest ingredients in shakes and smoothies. From every orange to every carton of milk, he would inspect the ingredients for product quality and pay close attention to best-by dates - something lacking in Yerevan despite the large numbers of cafes, restaurants, and bars being opened every month.

Artak then started to build a team to expand the Fresh House range and open new spots across town, resulting in the founding of Collective Group.

The Present Day

Every single person on our team - from senior managers to waiters and waitresses - puts quality and good service at the forefront of their daily tasks. From the products we use; to the people we hire; to the interior design we decide on - everything is about putting customer experience first. As of now, the Collective team continues to grow, with more exciting projects on the way.

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